Official website for Voidcraft! minecraft server

Every single donation will go to keep this server running!

Donate 5$ to earn the rank VIP

If you don't get auto rank then please contact Me on youtube (clicky)

got an important message? contact me: poisenvenom@gmail.com

and begin the subject with minecraft server


No griefing
Stealing is allowed
No advertising
PVP is allowed
No cursing
Don't be rude
No hacking
No spaming

Pretty simple rules right?

=========To earn extra money ingame then vote at==========

/f help
/tpa (name)
to fix factions members not able to open chest do /f officer (name)

/hg join (name)

/bs join arena
/bs vote
/bs quit
/ma join arena
/ma join default
/ma leave

/ss join 1
/ss start

/cfour join 1
/cfour leave
cfour is about to get 4 blocks in a row sideways, or across